Entry Fees

(N.B. Maximum Fee for multiple entries applies to Solo classes only and not to the Recital Class)

Speech and Drama (Junior and Intermediate Classes) £6.00 per entry  
Speech and Drama (Senior Class) £7.00 per entry  
Competitors 17 years and under £6.00 per class (max. £18.00)
Adults (over 17 years) £7.00 per class (max. £21.00)
Junior Duets (17 years and under)  £6.00 per entry  
Junior Trios (17 years and under) £6.00 per entry  
Junior Ensembles (17 years and under) £6.00 per entry  
Junior orchestras and choirs (17 years and under). £8.00 per entry  
N.B. Separate fee for Recital Class (see Classes 79 and 80)    
Adult Duets £7.00 per entry  
Adult Small Ensembles £10.00 per entry  
Adult Choirs £12.00 per entry  
Recital Classes: (all ages) £8.00 per entry  

Cheques should be made payable to Skipton Music Festival
Receipts will not be sent unless requested