The Music Festival Entry Form

Here is where you can add, view and edit all of your entries for this year's Festival.

This suite will remain open until the deadline date when the entry system will be locked.  Any late entries or alterations will need to be sent manually to the Festival Secretary.  Acceptance of these will depend on individual circumstances.  You will still be able to view your entries, but not to make changes, additions or deletions

To add an entry, you must have registered on the site and be logged in before you are able to go further.

The Festival Entry Suite

This suite of pages works quite hard to remember what you have been doing! Hopefully, all your choices will be remembered so that it is much easier to add multiple competitors for a single class.  You should be prompted for all of the information required for each individual entry.  Once it shows in green, it should be ready for saving.

How to work the system

If this is your first entry, there is no shortcut!  You'll have to enter all of the information required.

Select a Class Group

This is really just a tool to make life easier for you.  Rather than searching through a collection of over 100 classes, this breaks the list into manageable chunks but has no other significance.

Choose the group you want from the drop-down list and click Select.  If the Group does not show in green, then you have not yet successfully selected it.

Select a Class

This lists all of the available classes in the specified class group.  They are shown with the Class Number as printed in the Syllabus with an indication of the age group for which they are intended. 

Choose the class you want from the drop-down list and click Select.  If the Class does not show in green, then you have not yet successfully selected it.

Select a Performer

There is no space here to add all the details for a new performer - you should have done that already in the "Performer" suite! Don't panic if you have not done so - if you go away to do it, this entry suite should still remember where you have got to.

The drop-down box in this section will show only those performers, registered to you, who are young enough to enter a particular class.  Yes; it will show 8-year-olds for a class for young adults, but we do need to take account of child prodigies!  They are listed alphabetically by surname.  Groups, duets and trios need to be entered into the performer lists in just the same sort of way as individuals.

Choose the performer you want from the drop-down list and click Select.  If the performer does not show in green, then you have not yet successfully selected it.

Lost a performer? If you think you have registered a performer who does not appear in your list, the most likely cause is that the age is wrong.  Many more talented children are entered in classes older than their real age.  In trying to make this process as easy for you as possible, we have seeded your list with your past performers - and the system "ages" them each year.  Return to the Performer Suite to correct this.

Other information

For many classes, that's all we need but for most, there are other boxes to fill in.  Give us details, please, of all your "Own Choice" music, the instrument you'll play and whether you require the Festival Accompanist.  These boxes only appear if you need to fill them in.

Submit it!

Once you have completed all of the information required, you'll see some buttons at the bottom.  With luck, there'll be a nice green one, saying, "Submit Entry".  Click this to add your entry.

However, this is (supposedly!) an intelligent form.  If you have already entered this competitor in the chosen class, you'll see a fiendish red button, offering to delete that entry.  (You can't enter the same competitor twice, even if s/he is playing a different piece of music or a different instrument.)  Alongside the "Delete" key, there may also be a green "Update" one which will allow you to change the details of your entry.

Blat it!

Pressing the Reset button will remove all the data so you can start again.

Repeat Prescriptions

Several applicants have long lists of performers to add and we've tried to make that as easy as possible.

When you first arrive in the Enties Suite, you'll see a series of fields to fill in.  Click the button to "View my Entries".  If you already have a similar entry, select it and click the Copy Entry button.  So long as you have details showing on the form, you can change any one of them.  Provided the entry is valid, you'll see the Submit Entry button. 

Click it to save. 

If the entry already exists, you can either Delete it or change some details.  If you change the performer or the class, then this will be treated as a new entry.  If you change the Own Choice or other detail, then you'll have the option to update your entry.

Your list of Entries

We've made passing reference to this page.  All your entries are listed here with some basic information.  It includes the fees due for each pupil, though this list is not yet intelligent, so if any pupil exceeds the maximum fee, you will need (at the moment) to calculate that by hand.

There will shortly be a separate page that will list all your pupils, along with their start time, the venue and their draw number.  This, and other pages, will do that sort of calculation for you.