Typing Foreign Characters

Many pieces of music are written by or have titles which contain foreign characters - ones with accents or the like.
Typing them in is quite easy (when you know how!)

First, ensure that Numlock is on.  There will be a button marked "Num" somewhere to the right of your keyboard. On a laptop, it's often one ot the very top row of keys. You may see an indicator light somewhere, maybe marked with a little padlock symbol with a "1" in it.

When you press the number keys to the right (not the ones along the top - they don't do this!), they should type the appropriate number on the screen.

To produce a foreign character, hold down the [Alt] key and then type the 4 numbers shown.  When you release the [Alt] key, voilá - the character will appear!

Here is a short table, showing the most common characters.

æ 0230 à 0224 â 0226 ä 0228
ç 0231 é 0233 è 0232 ê 0234
ë 0235 ñ 0241 ô 0244 ö 0246
ø 0248 ü 0252 í 0237 á 0225