What do you want to do?

Before you start, please take a moment to read the rules of the Festival.

These rules are important and, to be fair to all performers, they will be strictly enforced.

Look through the Syllabus which is available here online

This year, the Vocal Classes (77 - 109) are published in a separate document

How to do it: Visit the Work Sheet

This is an interactive page with links to the things you may want to do.

Below, you'll see the booking system explained. If you want a simple, no questions route through the system, then visit the Work Sheet above

Access to the site is for Applicants (generally, teachers and parents as well as adult performers) who are responsible for making the entries.  Once you have logged in with your email address and a password, your own details, and those of your performers, will be recorded in the database.  They will then not need to be re-entered (though you can update them as necessary).

On the Entry Form you will select, first, groups of classes and then the class itself.  No details of the class are given here - you must read the Syllabus for those.  It's available online.

The list of performers includes all of your registered performers who fit the required age range.

Check carefully that you select the appropriate class(es) for your performers.


Log In

Click the Log In/Out menu and add your email address and password.  There are tools available there for you to look in the Registry to check if you are already there.
(If you entered performers in the last two years, then you probably are.)

This facility is not for performers! This is the place where (mainly) teachers - but also some parents and most adult performers will make their entries. 
The registration of each performer is a separate process, done once you are logged in. (An adult performer will first log in as an Applicant and then register himself or herself as a Performer.)

There is also a facility to update your password.  It is not possible (for important security reasons) to retrieve an existing password.  If you lose it or want to change it to something more memorable, visit the Log in page.  will set up a new one and send you an email to tell you what it is. Write it down when you get it!


Enter details for all of your performers

Click the Performers menu. All of the entries will be made by selecting from your own list of performers and so, if you haven't listed them, they won't be there! 
There's a minimal amount of information needed, so it won't take long. There's a bit of help on the form to guide you.

Again, if someone has performed in the past two Festivals, their details should already be in the system - which will also take care of their increasing age!

You need to make separate entries for duets, trios and groups even if some individuals are endered in a solo class.

One performer with two different teachers will have two separate entries; you won't be altering someone else's data.

Of course, if you are entering yourself, you will need, first, to register as an applicant and them make a separate entry for yourself as a performer.

Review your list of performers. Check that their ages are correct and amend other details as necessary.

All individual (solo, duet and trio) entries will age each performer every year.  School choirs and other groups will record a fixed "age" as the membership changes.


Enter individuals and groups

Go to the Entry Form page. You'll find a set of choice boxes on the left and a line of "select" buttons to the right.  As you make your selections, these will be recorded in green.  When all of the appropriate choices have been made and all the left side is green, press the "Enter" button to add the entry.

If you are entering multiple performers in one class, or multiple classes for one performer, you will be able to change just the items that need to be altered.

If a performer does not appear in the list offered, it means that you have either not added their details or that the recorded age is too old for that class.


Review your entries

Go to the Festival Admin menu.  Here are a number of useful tools for you. 

You can open a quick view of the Syllabus to help you when online (but please be aware that the proper, printed syllabus has more detail.  This list is not an adequate replacement! Download the full one here.

You can see a resumé of all your entries, with the total fees required from each performer.

When it is completed, you will  see a timetable for each of your performers


Send your fees

Sorry. we cannot yet accept online payment
but you will probably always need to send copies of the music.

Send the entry fees and all relevant music copies to the Festival Secretary:

Jill Wright
15 Walker Close
BD20 8PW

Email Jill if you have queries

Please note that, until the entry fees, sae and music are received, your entry will not be confirmed.