Notes for competitors

Please send your entries early. Closing date: 18th January, 2016. We have made the closing date as late as possible and entries will not be accepted without “own choice” details.  Incomplete entries may be rejected and fees not refunded. Please help us to get the programme completed in good time.

Please be aware that, because of pressure of numbers, late entries may not be accepted.

If you cannot receive them by email, please send a stamped addressed envelope for tickets, which will be posted about 2 weeks before the Festival.

Copies of ABRSM syllabuses may be obtained online at or from any reputable music shop.

Set Pieces – The availability of all set pieces has been checked.  Copies of these may be ordered from any reputable music shop.
Please order your music early!

Competitors are reminded that Rules 6 and 7 should be observed carefully. Where there are limits on the number of performers in groups, these should be observed.

The Festival is under an obligation to the Performing Rights Society to provide accurate details of all works performed. Therefore, it is vital that details of own choice works are given on entry forms.

To ignore these rules is to be unfair to other competitors.

Music for Accompanists must be sent with your Payment. Music should be sent directly to the Secretary whether you apply on line or by post.

N.B. If this condition is not fulfilled, the Accompanists reserve the right to refuse to perform the music in question. It is in your own interests to allow the pianists the maximum time to study your music!

Please note that Skipton has adopted a system of grading, rather than marking, in all classes. First, second and third placings will be given.

An Important Note

We would encourage parents and teachers of children to read carefully the guidelines in this syllabus regarding vocal classes – particularly the “Songs from the Shows”.

The welfare and musical development of our children must always be a priority in these festivals and inappropriate choices are difficult for an audience to accept and can be vocally damaging for the performer.  We acknowledge that there may be one or two children who are technically capable of some of the bigger show songs, but there are certain life circumstances which are inappropriate in a young person’s repertoire.

Please bear in mind that any adjudication is likely to take the appropriateness of a song into account.