Help for Performers

There is only one page available here.  You need to visit it before trying to make any entries.

The Performer Page

This is where you will view, edit, add and remove the performers registered in your name.

You'll need a separate record for each individual, pair, trio or group that you wish to enter into the Festival.
Don't worry if that person is also likely to enter other classes with a different applicant - in this case there will be a separate record, accessible by the other applicant.

It is important to remember, though, that you can't both enter the same competitor into the same class!

The Performer record

There is a minimal amount of information required here.  We need the name (Forename and Surname, please) of each performer in solo, duet or trio classes - or a Group name for ensembles, choirs and other groups.

There have been cases where there has been an entry for more than just a trio!  It won't happen often, but if you need four names, put the Forename and Surname of two competitors into the bottom two boxes (Forename 3 and Surname 3).  For a fifth (or even sixth!) competitor, double up the "2" and "1" boxes.

We need to know the age of the performer, so that they won't get entered into inappropriate classes.  Your list of performers will be kept on the system and, for individual entries, their Age Group will be updated to mark the passing of time.  School Choirs and other group entries will normally change their membership and remain in the same Age Group, so these are not automatically updated.

Visit this page and check the detail for your competitors before you start to add your entries. 
This makes the actual entry process simpler, though there is a route back to this page from the entry form should you need it.

The Syllabus

is available online.  Find it here