Copies of Own Choice works for the Adjudicator

The Music Publishers’ Association has recently issued a revised Code of Practice on copyright works and the following concession is made for copying own choice pieces from volumes only for the Adjudicator. Other items must not be photocopied without the permission of the copyright holder in each case.

“When an own choice work is selected from a publication containing several different works and the chosen work is not published separately, one copy may be made for the use of an Adjudicator at a Competition or Festival provided that the competitor or participant has already purchased his/her own copy and that the copy made is retained and destroyed by the Administrator of the Competition or Festival immediately after the event. This permission specifically does not apply to set works.

“Competitors are advised that this permission applies only to copyright holders who are Members of the Music Publishers Association (listed at the back of the Code of Practice leaflet, obtainable from The Association at
103 Kingsway, London WC2B 6QX). 
It is the competitor’s own responsibility to ensure that they seek permission to copy direct from any copyright holder whose name does not appear in the MPA list. Single copies of items may not be photocopied without the prior permission of the copyright holder.”

Photocopies for the Adjudicator must be totally legible or they may be refused.