Photographs at the Festival

No photography (or video or sound recording) is allowed during the Festival. This is a strict requirement of our membership of the Federation of Festivals.

However, our official photographer is in attendance at some of the sessions, and some of these images are available to those who appear in them.

We are very aware of our responsibility properly to protect competitors’ privacy.  No photo will be used if the person responsible for each competitor has any reservation about its use.

We are also aware that a too-rigorous “care” can effectively airbrush the involvement of children from Skipton’s rich musical tradition – and we would hate that!

If photographs were taken when your class was held (they will certainly not be taken at every – or even most – classes), then you can find them on the site.

The images available here are all at a low-resolution. If you have a legitimate request for a printable copy, then write to the photographer, giving your name, the day of the competition and the name of the competitor photographed. Include with this a note of the name of the image(s) that you would like.