Photography at the Skipton Music Festival

Throughout this document, “recording” refers to any form of capture,
whether by camera, phone or any other equipment or recording device.

We are keen to celebrate the performances of all our young performers at the Festival. 
As a part of that purpose, we have an official photographer who will be active during most,
if not all of the classes at this year's Festival.

We appreciate that some children should not be photographed and in addition,
that some parents or carers may prefer that no photographs are used on any form of social media. 
We are also aware that many are pleased to have some photographic record of their achievements.

Skipton Music Festival Recording Policy

1.  Unofficial recording
For reasons of safeguarding as well as the rights of professionals, such as accompanist and adjudicator, no unofficial recording is permitted under any circumstances.  The performer may be disqualified and parents/guardians/carers (as well as the performer) may be asked to leave if this rule is contravened.

2.  Official Photographer
An official photographer will be present whenever possible.  He/she will record performances and presentations (but not adjudications).  Artistic copyright will rest with the photographer and images will be made available for a nominal sum to the performer or his/her parent/guardian/carer.

3.  Safeguarding
The interests and welfare of children/young people/vulnerable adults taking part in the Festival is paramount.  All images will be recorded to show each performer in a positive way.

Parents/carers/guardians have the right to decide whether images of children in their care may be taken and how they may be used.  This decision can only be meaningful if children over 11 are consulted and all involved understand any potential risks associated with the use of these images.

No child/young person/vulnerable adult will be explicitly identified.  In the case of a particular story about an individual, specific permission will be sought.

4.  Use of images
The images recorded will be securely stored on the photographer’s system for no more than 24 months.  Low resolution copies will be available on the Festival website for no more than 14 months.  The images may be used for publicity in print and online by the Press and/or by the Festival organisers.  If there is a specific concern (for example, the use on social media), the choice of the responsible adult and the child (if over 11) will be recorded and respected.

5.  General Recording
Wide angle, general images of Festival activities may be recorded.  Individuals are unlikely to be identifiable in these images and it is not reasonable, practical or proportionate to require individual permission for such images.

6.  Concerns
Anybody with concerns about this policy should contact the Festival Secretary or the Festival Safeguarding Officer.

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