General Rules 2019

  1. Competitors’ tickets admit holders to the hall for the whole of the session in which they are competing.
  2. The competitions are controlled in all matters by the Executive Committee and a majority decision of those present shall be final on any matter arising from or not provided for in this syllabus.
  3. The order of competition is decided by ballot.
  4. Awards in all classes are at the discretion of the Adjudicator, whose decisions and reports must be accepted as final.
  5. The Committee reserves the right to withdraw any classes if there are too few entries, and also to transfer classes to another day or time if necessary.
  6. Own choice” titles, composers and authors must be given on the entry form and strictly adhered to.  Otherwise the entry will not be accepted.  Last minute changes may lead to disqualification.
    N.B. The Festival is under a legal obligation to supply details of all items performed at the Festival to the Performing Rights Society and to the Authors’ Licensing and Collection Society.  The co-operation of teachers and competitors in sending information at the correct time will be very much appreciated.
  7. Competitors who fail to observe time limits in “own choice” classes may be disqualified or stopped.
  8. The Adjudicator may stop, or ask for a repeat of, the performance of any test piece.
  9. Repeats may be played provided the time limit is observed.
  10. Unless otherwise stated, Adjudicator’s copies should be provided for all “own choice” items; these should be brought to the Festival. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  11. In all Solo Classes, the services of the Official Accompanist must be used for set pieces, but competitors may bring their own accompanist for “own choice” items. Choirs may use their own accompanist for all items.
  12. Copies of “own choice” pieces for the Official Accompanist must be sent to the Secretary at the same time as your entry (14th January 2019).
  13. In all classes where an age limit obtains, the operative date is 1st September, 2018. (See outside back cover of the Syllabus)
  14. No competitor may enter the same item in more than one class.
  15. Classes are open to amateur competitors of all beliefs and none.
  16. The Committee reserves the right to disqualify any competitor who is not ready to perform when called.
  17. All trophies are held for one year only and should be cleaned and returned to the Trophy Secretary not later than 30th November, 2019.
  18. The recording of performances and adjudications by any means is not permitted.
  19. Competitors are reminded that the photocopying of music without the publisher’s permission is illegal.

In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to split a class.
The committee is aware that this is less than ideal, and it will not happen without good reason.

All competitors are reminded that the same item may not be entered in more than one class.