The Syllabus 2019

The 2019 Syllabus is online! Download it here

There is a new addition that's not in the printed copy...

Class 700 provides an opportunity for Nursery School Choirs to strut their stuff! 
If you know of a nursery school, do encourage them to enter!

We also need to make an apology...

The gremlins have attacked and there are some errors:

  • On the front cover, it states clearly that all classes will be in the Town Hall.  None of the classes will be held in the Town Hall as it will be closed for refurbishment.  We'll be in St Andrew's Church, Newmarket Street on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - and in Christ Church, Keighley Road on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Also on the front cover, it boldly procaims that the Speech and Drama classes will be held on Monday 11th March.  That may prove to be true, but equally, it may be that these classes (there are lots more of them on offer this year) will be held on another day.
  • The adult Instrumental Classes (551-553) should have time limits of 4 minutes for the Novice class; 6 minutes for the Intermediate (Grade 5-7) class and 8 minutes for the Open Class.
  • The dates on the application form are still those from last year.  "2018" should be "2019" but the January deadline is correct.

I hope that the online version is corrected throughout

We are open for entries.

The Closing Date is 14th January 2019

TROPHIES should be returned by the end of November

If you are the proud winner of a trophy, now is the time to get it engraved (if there's a suitable space).  Don't leave this to the last moment.

If you are wanting to enter a particular class but have found it to be at an impossible time, please contact us (use the link at the top of this page).  We can't promise to accommodate everyone's competing requests, but it does help us to plan the classes to suit as many people as possible.

Once the 2019 Syllabus is prepared, you'll be able to download a full .pdf copy of the syllabus.  This contains all of the information that you need.  Several individual pages will also be available as webscreens on the Festival menu and the entry form is available as a separate .pdf download.