Venues for the 2019 Festival

Skipton Town Hall is going to be out of operation during March 2019 and March 2020.  They are making significant changes to the main hall; upgrading it for all manner of new uses.

For 2019, we will be using two venues. 

St Andrew's Church on Newmarket Street provides a lovely, intimate venue, particularly suited to smaller groups as well as younger performers.  We were there in 2015 and look forward to returning to their hospitality.  There will be a good quality upright piano and there's a small dais or stage at the front.

Christ Church on Keighley Road is an altogether larger venue where we can host the choirs and orchestras.  We will probably be able to provide staging and there'll be a grand piano available.

A map of the venues

St Andrew's

St Andrew's Church

St Andrew’s Church is on Newmarket Street BD23 2JE
Classes will be held in the church – the left hand of the two buildings.  Go in through the obvious doors.  There is level access for wheelchair users or others who cannot negotiate the few steps.
There is no parking available on site.  The Town Hall Car Park is your best option. 
Bunkers Hill is closer but it is small and normally full – and parking is limited to two hours.

Christ Church

Christ Church

Christ Church is the Anglican church on the Keighley Road.  BD23 2AH
(Don’t make the mistake of trying Holy Trinity, at the top of the High Street!) 
The entrance to the church is under the tower, at the west end (the opposite end from the main Keighley Road). 
Do not park in Cross Street.  It is narrow and access is restricted. 
There is a good car park on Cavendish Street.  Turn at the traffic lights to go past Tesco’s.  The entrance is on the right, just past Goa Spice Restaurant.  From that car park, you will approach Christ Church from the west.

Street Parking

There are opportunities for parking on the street, but please be mindful of the people who live here and do not block driveways or abuse areas that are reserved for residents or businesses.  Your car will be far safer in one of the designated car parks!

It may be possible to arrange parking for those with mobility problems, though we cannot promise that - it will depend on the different facilities of the different venues.  Please use the button above to make an enquiry, but note that we will require some notice of this.