Photo Safeguarding Form for 2019

The Photography Safeguarding Form

We recognise the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all children, young people and vulnerable adults taking part in the Skipton Music Festival. In accordance with our Recording Policy, we will permit official images of performers unless permission is witheld.

The official images

  • Will always be taken sympathetically to show performers in a positive way
  • Will not explicitly identify who is appearing in the image
  • May be published in print and online by the Festival organisers or by the press

Name of  
responsible adult:

Name of performer: 


We need all these pieces of information.

Classes entered: 

We don't need this but it helps us considerably.


We don't need this if you prefer not.


I have talked about this choice with the performer named above
The performer named above is not over the age of 11

Clicking one of these buttons will send an email to the photographer so that he can mark up his programme appropriately in order to respect your wishes for privacy.

  Select this button to ensure that no photos are taken
  of the performer named above.

  Select this button to ensure that no photos published
  on social media channels.

  Select this button if you are content for official photos
  to be taken.