Booking for the 2022 Festival

You are strongly urged to enter the Skipton Music Festival online!
Because we don’t have to type your details into the system, there is less work for our overworked Secretary – and there’s a better chance that you’ll get your details in correctly.  Some handwriting is … difficult.
To say, “thank you”, the deadline for online entries is extended for a whole week!

To book:

Firstread the Syllabus carefully.  Read, not only the requirements for the class(es) you wish to enter, but also the rules of the Festival that are an integral part of the Festival.

Second – Fill in the form, either on paper (download the booking form here) or online on the RunMyFestival website(This will not accept entries until 1st November)
Please be sure that you’ve ticked all the boxes!  In order to process your application, we need your permission to handle your data on the system.
It is good to be able to take photos for our own publicity – and these are also available to you for what I’m told is a ridiculously small charge.

Third – Make your payment.  This can be in the form of a cheque, made out to
“Skipton Music Festival”  The address to use is on the form:
Jill Wright, 15 Walker Close, Glusburn, Keighley, Yorkshire BD20 8PW

You can pay online by BACS.  This is the better way to pay online as there is no cost involved. If you are booking online, the system is fairly well automated.
If you are simply sending a payment (to accompany a paper entry, for example),
then the details that you will need are:
Account Name: Skipton Music Festival Association
Sort code: 20-78-42   Account no: 90366595

Please make sure that the Reference is “SMF2022 [Applicant]” (where “Applicant” is the name of the applicant on the form – not the name of the performer).
You should also send an email to to tell us you’ve paid.  Online entries will deal with all of that for you.

Fourth – Make sure that you send any music in good time.  If you are using the Official Accompanist, you must provide the music for any Own Choice performance. 

Until your music is received, your application will be invalid.
You will not be entered into the Festival and your fee will not be returned.

Please see also the note about Solo Recitals.