The 2020 Syllabus

The 2020 Syllabus is ready

Thank you for downloading our Syllabus.  It is available here:  2020FullSyllabus

We are trying to save costs wherever we can and are printing far fewer paper copies this year.  That means we’ll rely far more on this electronic copy.

Please don’t print out more pages than you need!  You can select the relevant ones for your particular discipline.  However, do read through the Rules and Notes for Performers that form the first half of the booklet!  It is important that all those participating comply.

Booking will, this year, be through the RunMyFestival website.  This offers online payment as well as more traditional ways.  You will need to create a log-in and then select your “basket” of classes to enter.

If you want a paper copy of this Syllabus, then please let us know.  Send an A5 SAE to:

Skipton Music Festival, 15 Walker Close, Glusburn, Keighley, Yorkshire BD20 8PW

An email has gone out to all those who have entered the Festival over the past couple of years, containing a link to this page – we’ll be sending some more out shortly.
Please share it as widely as you can!