The Festival is nearly ready…

Skipton Music Festival

Looking forward to our centenary

It has been a unique period in the history, not only of the Skipton Music Festival, but also of the Festivals Movement in general – and, indeed of music-making across the world.

Though Covid will be with us, probably, for many years to come, what better way to celebrate some sort of a return than with a celebration!  And what better event is there to celebrate than our 100th birthday!

To list the Finale first…  Jess Gillam  is an internationally renowned saxophonist, broadcaster, presenter and musical director.  Perhaps more important; she is a keen supporter of the Festival movement and all that it can bring to young musical lives.  Jess will be performing at our final concert, to be held this year in the Town Hall on Sunday 13th March.  She appears, thanks to generous support from the Arts Council, for which we are enormously grateful.

Some tickets will be on sale in the Christ Church foyer during the Festival events but all online sales are being administered directly by Skipton Town Hall Box Office, where the event will be held.

To buy your ticket, please visit their box office site here.

We added new items in our syllabus this year – and a new accompanist too.  We are delighted to have the services of “our own” Nicole Johnson.  Nicole first met the Skipton Music Festival as a nervous little girl, no different from many new musicians that we have seen in the past and will meet in the future.  We called her “Nikki” in those days.  She steadily rose through the Festival ranks until she left, a confident and accomplished performer, to carve out her career as a professional musician.  Our performers can be sure that their accompanist will be both skilled and sympathetic to their needs.

It is hardly surprising that bookings are down in these difficult times – but we are delighted that they’re not down by as much as we’d feared!  We’ve arranged a mouthwatering programme of classes, spread over the five days from 7th -12th March.

Come and join us!