Skipton Music Festival

Looking ahead – and back…

We got away with the 2020 Festival – by the skin of our teeth!  Our Final Concert on 14th March took place amid increasing concerns about this “Coronavirus Scare” – and just a few hours, really, before the whole country went into an unprecedented lock-down.  Suddenly, all our certainties were swept away.

The Festival itself was a great success.  We enjoyed the careful, skilled (and kindly!) adjudication of Marilyn Davies and, despite slightly uncertain times, entries held up well, though attendance at the final concert was down.  As always, we were thrilled with some truly awe-inspiring performances from some of the hugely talented young musicians who live in our area.

Our welcome from Christ Church was as warm, friendly and helpful as ever and there was little to trouble us as we held the inevitable post-mortems, sampling the untested waters of Zoom in the process.

So then, the planning for 2021

No one has any idea what will be happening in the country in March 2021 – and so we have decided to plan, initially, as though everything is normal. We will be publishing our Syllabus, as normal, in September and we will hope to be holding a Festival, as normal, in the week beginning 8th March 2021.

But things have changed and we’d be silly to ignore that. 
At the moment, only individual teaching is allowed.  If that continues, duets, trios, groups, choirs and orchestras will be excluded and the Festival will shrink.
At the moment, access into public buildings (especially churches, which have an extra layer of COVID-security in place) is limited.  If that continues, then we’ll need to think about other ways to hold our Festival.

Writing the Syllabus is going to be an interesting task this year!