SongShop 2023

Recipe for an afternoon of magic


  • One skilled and charismatic singing teacher
  • 140 primary school children
  • Five fun songs
  • One warm and welcoming hall
  • A liberal seasoning of teachers, helpers and facilitators


Select your Steven Roberts. 
The leader of this day will need to be enthusiastic, charismatic and energetic.  He or she will be used to motivating and training choirs and will create a day for all of the participants to remember.

Collect the raw materials for a choir.
Gathered from five primary schools, they will arrive in the morning as strangers and leave at the end of the day as a single united choir that has just given its first ever public concert.

Choose your material.
If it is a choir, it needs songs to sing.  Last year, few will forget the menacing Jag-u-ag-u-ar – and the irrepressible snapping Sid the Crocodile was so popular that he’s making a return visit this year.  No simple ditties, these five songs will not only engage the young choir but also stretch and expand their vocal skills.

“Light your oven, grease your tin, wash your hands and then begin”
Thus ran the old Domestic Science jingle.  We’re not going to cook them – but Christ Church makes a warm and welcoming space to gather.  Weather permitting, there is a safe area outside to expend a bit of energy at lunchtime.

Stir vigorously with all the tools available.
Thanks to the schools, the children will arrive, with their songs rehearsed.  The “roadies” will have prepared the words and screens to show them and Susan will be sitting, ready at the piano.  The children will gather and all is prepared…

Ready, Steady … BAKE!

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