The 2025 Festival

Yes… The 2024 Festival is barely packed away – and we’re already beginning to plan for next year!
The 2025 Festival will take place at our very friendly venue of Christ Church on Keighley Road in Skipton.

We are booked in from
Saturday 8th March through to Saturday 15th March

The current plan is to kick off proceedings with our traditional Open Vocal classes on the 8th March and to bring the Festival to a close with our Gala Concert on the evening of Saturday 15th March.

The detail in between is being worked out as you read this!  Some of the classes fit best on particular days – and for the first time (ever, we think) we will be holding classes on Sunday afternoon.

All this is under discussion and all those who made entries this year have been invited to add their thoughts through an open questionnaire.  Join in if you have something useful to add – you’ll find it in the menu bar, “A consultation for 2025”, or click here.

By the time that the Syllabus is published in the autumn we hope to be able to publish a planned draft timetable.  We’ll not be able to stick rigidly to it because it will all boil down to exactly what entries come in but, as always, we’ll work hard to fit people in wherever possible!


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