Skipton Music Festival is a charity which exists to promote interest and participation in music and drama. It organises an annual Music and Drama Festival at which amateur performers appear in public and are encouraged to develop through receiving advice, guidance and encouragement from a team of professional adjudicators.

The Festival is held annually in March and culminates in a Saturday evening concert. Read more here

The 2018 Festival

Well...  It's all over for another year!  All over apart from:

  • Sorting out all of the equipment and packing it away.
  • Redesigning some bits that didn't work as well as we would have liked.
  • Holding a de-briefing meeting with the committee.
  • Sagging into a chair - perhaps with something a little stronger than a cocoa and dangling the aching feet in something warm and restorative.
  • But, mainly, sitting back and reliving some wonderful moments of musical magic;
    reflecting on the enormous pool of talent that has been on display. 
    Not just the children and young people who have been performing, but also the talents of all the teachers too.  The Adjudicator, several times, paid tribute to the skill and dedication of so many teachers.  He also spoke of how the Festival reflects and showcases the vibrant musical scene that can be found in and around Skipton.

If you want to see some of the photographs taken during the Festival Week, visit the Gallery Page.  You'll need a password to see them (unless you are already logged in) and that was displayed in the Hall and is available to appropriate people on request.

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